Who are we?

We are a Mexican playing studio, a group of creative people with fresh new ideas. Everyday we intend to become the best educational apps studio on the planet. We are sure of our capabilities and commitment, and we know that there is a great path a head of us.

We work traveling that extra mile, we love what we do, that is the reason of making everyday like an adventure.

We still have a long way to go, but screen by screen we will share our imagination. We don’t want to do this alone; we want to become from good to great with you. Welcome to Kuca Boom, it is time to have fun with totally new worlds and learn with us and finally tell the world that “Not all monsters scare”.


Kuca Boom started with the idea of giving children the proper tools that can allow them to discover the world through technology, stimulating their creativity and specific abilities they can develop through childhood. We create fun things, and we are aware of the essential role FUN has in children. This idea is becoming more and more promising, we want to offer games where anything is possible, trying to exploit technology in every way to create the best gameplay.

We create games with the philosophy of children first, giving them what is necessary for their development and encouraging them to be in a new world ready to be discovered.

What is our purpose?

We are different, we take our characters beyond the common boundaries. All our characters are “monsters”, creatures commonly known for their fearsome traits, sometime mean and related in scaring children…We want to change that thought, because “not all monsters scare”. We have created fun monsters, cute, empathic and they don’t scare, they PLAY!

We have transformed a horrifying concept to something fun, creating a totally new world where kids have fun joined with discovery.

We take every game creation very seriously, we have created a whole new world paying attention in every detail to ensure the best possible experience for children and their parents.

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